Hi, and welcome to That's me on the right at the ripe old age of three hours. I'm sorry I didn't open my eyes for the photo, but that's still not high on my agenda at the moment.

I was born at 08h32 today, Monday 27 February 2006 at the Kingsbury Hospital in Cape Town. I'm 51.5cm long, and weighed in at 3.04kg (that's 6 pounds, 11 ounces for people like my Grandmothers that haven't metricated). (That's 1.5cm longer and 100g lighter than my big sister Kate was at birth). My Apgar score was 8 at one minute, and improved to 9 at five minutes.

My favourite hobbies at the moment are sleeping, dozing, closing my eyes, suckling and web site design (by delegation). My folks have been taking tons of photos of me, but somehow they seem to be more insterested in hanging out with me than in editing the pics and uploading them to the web. There's also been a lot of muttering about the frequent power cuts that seem to plague this city I've been born in, and how they make it difficult to get a web site going. Seems to me that my parents have been slacking off. I mean the power problems have been around since I was born and the folks still haven't invested in their own generator, or even a wind farm!

Anyway, for now you're going to have to make do with the pics of me on this site, but I'm sure that once Mum and I go home there'll be some time to load more pics of me onto Mum's Gallery, so check that out regularly. In case you're wondering, that bruise on my right cheek is where the doctor grabbed me with the forceps, but it's fading fast. If you'd like to write to me, then you can reach me at Email me at and one of my folks will read it to me.

Mum and Dad looking happy to see me me.

Mum & Dad still look happy, but Kate doesn't look that sure!

Phew! Kate's been distracted by her new doll!

Not another photo, Dad!